Speech Writing
and Coaching

Here's how I can help you—

Deal with nervousness: Having a coach to talk through your issues of nervousness and anxiety really helps. I give my clients practical tips to help them deal with shaking and sweating, as well as how to handle issues with microphones, podiums and scripts. I also strategize with shy clients on how to make small talk at meetings and parties.

Craft a message that gets results: I have worked with CEOs, school superintendents, college presidents and state legislators to help them write and deliver powerful presentations. With my help, you can engage audiences in a way that increases their trust and your confidence. I also help you work with technology to improve your PowerPoint slides.

Write the speech: What sets me apart from others is that I bring strong writing skills to help you tell your story in your own words. I craft major speeches and complex presentations—or write quick bullet points for meetings. My clients tell me that having a polished script helps them feel more calm and confident in their delivery.