Satisfied Clients


"From the cover letter and resume to the interview, Mary Beth Harper's experience and expertise was essential to my job search success. Her interview coaching helped build my confidence to present myself well both on the phone and in person. With her help and support, I was offered and accepted a position doing what I love– despite the tough job market. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to polish their cover letters and resume and improve their interview skills." 
Marsha Bansberg, College of Wooster

"I love my position! It is so much more than I ever imagined. You were truly helpful in polishing and sharpening my skills and worth every cent." 
Pati Nelson, Canton McKinley STARS Principal, Adult Career and Technical Education

"Prior to my work with Mary Beth Harper, I had interviewed for two years. Each time, I did well by finishing in the top three to five candidates, but I never secured a position. Mary Beth helped me evaluate my interviewing skills, as well as polishing resume and cover letters, to ensure that prospective employers received the messages I wanted to communicate. She gave me an approach to capitalize on my strengths in a way that created connections with the interview teams. Within a few short months, I found myself choosing between two job offers."
Denice Leddy, Curriculum Coordinator University Heights, Cleveland Heights City Schools

"Once I decided to pursue a top-level leadership position, it was without hesitation that I returned to Harper & Co. Communications to assist me with the process. Once again, Mary Beth exceeded my expectations and helped prepare me for the multifaceted demands related to the interview process. Her unique and savvy coaching ability combined with her exceptional writing skills helped me to articulate my professional expertise, as well as package and promote my talents so that others could easily appreciate my skills and visualize how I could benefit their organization."
Dr. Veronica L. Motley, Director of Instruction, South Euclid-Lyndhurst School District

"Mary Beth helped me identify and showcase my talents before a recent job interview. She worked with me to organize my creative portfolio for a multimedia presentation. Mary Beth sorted through my samples and recommended the best pieces to present, offered tips for organizing my presentation, and finally, coached me on my communication skills during the presentation. She even provided me with reading materials to learn more about job search strategies and presentation techniques. Before I worked with Mary Beth, I knew what I wanted to include in my presentation, but I lacked a clear picture on how to organize those ideas. Mary Beth not only helped me refine my presentation, she made it easier and more interesting for my intended audience to follow. She suggested that I use a story telling approach to present my accomplishments and that really made me stand out from the competition!"
Michele Kisthardt, Hudson, Ohio


"Thank you! His speech was wonderful! I loved the personal touch about his past."
Diana Keethley, Coleman Professional Services

"Working with Mary Beth Harper over several sessions really helped me to improve my marketing presentations. I consider it one of the best investments I have made in my speaking career. She helped me focus on clarifying my message and showed me how to enhance it with interesting antidotes and effective delivery techniques. Mary Beth has the unique talent of communicating creative suggestions in a humorous but direct way, which makes them easy to understand and implement." 
Christine M. Brown, Marketing Resources & Results Hudson, Ohio

"Kudos for a job well done. I felt inspired by the speakers' insights and stories. Take a bow for pulling off such a major event. The award winners and presenters were very complimentary of you and appreciated how much you went out of your way to make them feel a part of the weekend."
Dr. Janet Dix, Kent, Ohio

"In my years of acquaintance with Kent Schools, I can think of no occasion better organized or having more good feeling on the part of all attending that this one. I know much of the credit goes to you. You have my personal thanks and appreciation for your thoroughness and patience not only in getting background for all the news releases and the program page but also—how do I put this—in preparing me for the occasion."
Dr. Robert W. Stanton, Retired Superintendent of Kent City Schools


"Thank you for all you have done to support the district. You have been an immense help to many of us over the years."
Linda T. Keller, Superintendent Streetsboro City Schools

"You had the perfect combination of photographs, accessible text, engaging headlines, building coverage—and perfect grammar. You ‘nailed’ this one."
Dr. Joe Giancola, Superintendent, Kent City Schools

"Thanks for your persistence to turn my vague ideas into a great brochure. It has been received very well, and I have received compliments on its appearance."
Dr. Karen Majeski, Director, State Support Team Region 8

"The newsletters for the Kent Free Library are great! Having news and information about your hometown library is so enjoyable when provided on a regular and more frequent basis. Mary Beth Harper is to be congratulated. The newsletters are interesting, professional and serve to remind me (and other readers I am sure) of what an asset the City of Kent has in its library."
Margaret Garmon, Kent, OH